Here are a few "Love Letters" written to Jesus from some of our dear friends. If you have a Love Letter for Jesus, we would love to add it to this page. Please send all of your messages to

I am Marjorie McCombs, age 7, and I just wanted to say: I love Jesus for
Him dying on the cross for us, everybody that follows Jesus. I love
Jesus for Him making the world and making all things that live around
us. I just say why I love Him, He's my Saviour. He made me, He made
you and me. He will help us if we're sick, Jesus loves us. He loves
things that we don't know about, the creatures we don't know about yet.
Jesus is love. Amen


Dear Sweet Jesus

I felt that I would write you a love letter because I love you so very much with all of my heart, mind, and soul. You are so beautiful Lord. Thank you for everything that you have been doing for me and what you will be doing for me. You are very special to me Lord. I have a lot of love for you . I think of you all the time. Thank you so much for your beautiful love Lord. I really do love feeling your presence. You died on the cross for me Lord because you love me so very much and I thank you for your love and I know you really do care a great deal for me. I care a great deal for you too and I love you so very much. Lord, between you and I, we will not let anything come in between us. The enemy tried to tear us apart the other day but it didn't work because we both will not allow it to happen. You are mine and I am yours forever and nothing can stop that. Oh Lord how I love you. I cannot stop saying I love you because I really do.



Dear Heavenly Father,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love You on today. I am so blessed to have You in my life. Thank You for being that rock when I needed one. Thank You for being my everything. Words can never express just how much I love You. I will continue to give You all of the praises and all of the glory forever and ever. When the time comes when You decide that my work on this earth is over, it would be my honor to sing to You, "GLORY GLORY GLORY FOR YOU ALONE IS WORTHY"
Forever and ever and ever. HALLELUJAH!!

Thank You Father,
Your Servant and Baby Girl,

Dear Jesus,

What a wonderful day You have given my family and I today. Thank you
for this day and our daily bread. Father I bow humbly before your present
today. Father I praise You. Halleluah to your name.

Jesus Christ of Nazereth. I praise You with all my heart soul and
spirit. Lord I stand at your heavenly door today, I'm just dropping by
with flowers craddled in my arms and my heart beating with love for you, I
just want to say to you" I LOVE YOU " I'm not asking for anything, neither
am I wishing for anything. I want to give to you flowers of joy, praise, and
worship, this gift I give to you is nothing to compare to what you gave to
us on the cross..I can't give you enough but I give my heart and praise. "I

love alway's,
your child,
the one You died for too.

Jesus, my Lord, and Savior, Thank you eternally for receiving me, and my husband John, My Children Lori, Bobby, Cameron And Grandchild into your kingdom when we each received you. Your Love and guidance preserves us and because of youWe live and move and have our beings,

Forgive Me Lord Jesus for I know I have let you down, probably many more times then I realize, I love you with everything that is in me. It is my hearts greatest desire to serve you, to please you all the rest of my days. Please show me what you would have me do, on a nanosecond by nanosecond basis. Give me the wisdom, courage, boldness and favor And the obedience to carry out each and every one of your commands for my life.

Thank you for Blessing and keeping this little family in the much larger family of the Body of Christ. Thank you that we Have Your Mighty and Precious Name, we have your Blood covering, and your Word !!! Help us to apply them to our lives,And in doing so help me not to hide my light under a bushel any more, I love you, and Bless Father God, and welcomeYou Holy Spirit in my heart every second of my life, thank you for residing in this temple, and help me to continue to clean It up for your residence should reflect your Love, your power, and your wisdom. This is what I desire, In Your precious name

I Pray, Praise you, and Thank you , Amen.

Love Pat Farris

Thank you Lord for all that you have done for me. Lord, I ask that you please forgive me for I have sinned. I thank you Lord for keeping my family safe from Harm and danger. Thank you Lord for giving me two of the best gifts in the world. Lord, I beg that you please help me restore my relationship with the love of my life. I love Nestor with all my heart and I ask you Lord that you give us another chance to be together and make things right for the children. Lord, please help me.....In the name of Jesus, I pray. AMEN

Love Shaniqua


I thank you for blessing me every day and for the miracles you've brought to my life. The peace and hope.

Thank you for a sober household. Thank you for meaning it when you said "Love endures all things." It does. You restored my relationship with my ex. We are a family again and getting remarried.

Just the other day, I got a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I confessed something I wasn't exactly proud of to my partner.

And his response was "Nothing anybody could say could make him not want to be with me." What a tremendous relief and I cried tears of relief and joy. Something I'd been holding inside for almost 2 years.

Also, a very dear friendship has been restored. And I am so grateful.

I missed her.

Thank you, can't thank you enough.
Love Laurie

Dearest Jesus,

Thank you seems such a hollow phrase and I love you seems equally inadequate, but thanks and love are all I have to place into your hands, those beautiful pierced hands.

I am earning my Masters in Educational Technology here at Pepperdine University, and one of my projects consists of sending a letter to a “hero” in my life: a person who has taught me and inspired me- and I immediately thought of you.

Even though I have run away from you, hidden from you, struck out on my own, thinking I could do it without you, and, at times, even denied that I knew you, I knew you were there, waiting patiently, sorrowing at some of my choices, and protecting me when I chose very scary paths. When I think of all the crazy situations I placed myself in, and how these situations could have spiraled out of control, and how I could have gotten really hurt, and how I seemed to escape with only minimal damage, I can only look back and see that you were right there, with your strong right arm, fending off the bad guys, stopping the rocks and arrows, keeping me from running off the cliffs I couldn’t see for myself.

I know I have resisted your love, held back from accepting your invitation, looked for loopholes and excuses, but I am tired of running, tired of doing it alone, tired of myself. You have taught me that self is not the answer, that self is a big heavy stone we lug around with us, that self only gets in the way, that self will only drag us down and never lift us up.

You have taught me that there is freedom in slavery, power in service, reward in giving, and joy in suffering. Your precious words teach me in powerful little stories and gentle humor. I can go back again and again to your words and find something new each time, something necessary about my life, something I need at that very moment to show me the way, lift my spirits, and give me the strength to carry on.

Your life has taught me that a true King is the true Servant. In your dealings with your Disciples, the crowds, and the religious elite, you have taught me that a system is only as good as the spirit that informs and innervates it. You have taught me that the best evangel is to be the best example. You have taught me that there are a few simple truths and that following these few simple truths cut through the fog of our cluttered everyday lives and show us to each other as scared souls hiding inside angry faces, yearning to reach out and touch and be touched in return.

Thank you Lord,
Meghan E. A. O’Leary


My precious precious Father,

     I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Jesus, for all that you have
done for me. You protected me even before I knew you. I think back dear Lord on how I used to call it "luck" when I would wake up the morning after drinking and partying in the clubs and wonder how on earth I ever made it home safe. I apologize to you Lord, for not acknowledging that it was only by your grace! Thank you Jesus that when I got so drunk, I didn't know my name and I would bring strange men into my home, no harm ever came to me other that giving myself a bad reputation.

     Thank you Lord that others now look at me and see a change and know that I am not that drunk, crazy and sleezy person that I once was. When I was molested, I was so angry at you, Jesus. I knew youexisted, but I just did not know you were loving and merciful. I thought that you hated me. Thank you for letting me realize that all that happened to me in my past was ultimately to bring you glory. I thank you for my past as it gives me the chance to bring those suffering as I once did to you. I lay my past at your feet, Jesus, for you to use as you will. I only ask that you let me see those that are hurting and that you give me the words to say to them to ease their pain. I thank you for saving me, Jesus when no one else could. When my family turned their backs on me, you showed me so much love and you brought people into my life to encourage me and to love me. If all I have is you, then that is all right with me because you are my strength, my joy and my peace and you are so much more.

     Thank you for your forgiveness, your grace and your mercy. Thank you for my ministry. If it were not for you, I would be nothing. You died for me even though you knew I would spend years of my life denying you and grieving your heart and for that I can never thank you enough! I long for the day that I am able to sit at your feet, but for now I thank you for the words that you say to me and for guiding me along this life's journey.

     Thank you for letting me feel your presense even now! I love you Jesus and I place you above all else in my life. I desire to please you, Jesus more than I desire to do anything else! I am simply yours to use as you will! You are my everything!

With all of my Love,
Your child


My Sweet Lord, my savior,

     You are the first one I talk to when I awake to the glorious day that you have made for me and the last one I talk to at night before I fall asleep, as you hold and comfort me.

     I praise your Holy name and I welcome you into my heart Jesus as I know you will never leave me or forsake me. Oh, blessed Lord you have shown me what unconditional love is all about and I praise your name in the Highest. My God, you have taught me so much in Your Name, forgiveness, humility, love and so much more.

     You above all have seen me at my worst and never turned your back or stopped loving me no matter how foul I became. You saw the good in me and knew that one day I would accept this love you offer to me so freely, even though I was not worthy. You knew Lord, you knew me, you knew that I would return to you. You knew that I would accept, understand and return this love to you my KING!

     My precious Jesus, my heart breaks that I waited so long to accept this wonderful gift of love that you offer me and to let you lead me to do your will.

     I will never turn from you again, I love you my precious Lord. Please accept this letter of love and devotion that I offer you. I will never stop Praising your name, I will never let Satan into my life again. I love you Lord and will minister to all that I meet.

Sorry sisters, but I really can't do much more .... I am so overwhelmed that the words won't come, only tears. I love our Lord so much ... that when I write about it my mascara gets in my eyes... lol ... sorry

Angelique Bondurant
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To have a friend, is one of life's greatest pleasures....To have a friend, who will lift you up in prayer, is one of life's greatest treasures.


My Lord and My God,

     I thank You and praise You for saving a wrench like me. I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

     I am so undeserving of Your love and forgiveness. All You asked of me is to open the door of my heart and let You dwell there all the days of my life.

     Thank You for Your unconditional love.

     Thank You for all Your blessings bestowed on me.

     Thank You for my husband, my children, and my grandchildren who give me so much joy.

     Thank You for speaking to me through Your Word.

     Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that guides me and shows me the way.
You are the only One who has never let me down. You are the only One who shed blood on the cross for my sins so that I could obtain eternal life.

     In spite of my failings and my weaknesses, You never gave up on me.
I ask You to continue to change me into what You want me to become and to increase my faith so that I will always turn to You through trials and tribulations.

     Help me to hunger and thirst for righteousness. Help me to see people through Your eyes and to forgive like You have forgiven me.

Your servant,


Dear God my Father and Lord Jesus Christ:

     Thank you God the Holy Spirit for interceding for me, for interpreting and expressing what my heart cannot do on my own.

     Every day since I first became possessed with the realization of my
salvation at age 19, I have always felt like the black sheep in you flock Lord.

     I have grown up in the darkness of negativity and rejection, so I have always felt guilty for just being me. I had always thought, Lord God, that this rejection from others was caused by something wrong in me I could not discover. Instead, Lord, I know now that it was caused by their chosen responses, and my pain was caused by my chosen

     I grew up feeling, Lord, that You could not love me because no one else did, that I was defective. It is our gift from You that we have "free will", which is both a blessing and our worst affliction. You want a love relationship that can only be love in its truest form if given
freely, not forced. Lord God, I have wondered in the desert for so much of my life but You were with me always, even when I could not see you in my self-created darkness. I have had many shining
moments, Lord, when Your Spirit broke thru and affirmed Your love and ownership. It has been those eternal moments, Lord, that have kept me rooted on this earth. I would not be here, Lord, without Your affirming Love and Provision.

     My greatest fear, Lord God and Father, is to not hear those words "My good and faithful servant". I have fallen so pitifully short of MY expectations, I can not bear to think how short I am of Your expectations of me. Yet, You keep loving and affirming me and lifting me up out of my pit of failures and mistakes and guilt. Lord God and Father, I love you so much with a heart that has not been trained in the expression of such love.

     So I keep it inside like a flood wanting release. Lord, You know my heart better than I ever could. Help me Lord to love You the way You deserve to be loved. You know I can not do this on my own power. Nothing in my power is of any use or worth - I know this, Lord.
Everything good and pure and righteous comes from you.

     This flesh struggles to understand the fullness of Your perfect love. It is so incomprehensible!! Lord God and Father, for my soul's sake
and for Your honor and glory, please allow this vessel to be used to serve You and to please You. I know with all my heart that You will never forsake me, Lord God, and that this is Your Will for me. Let it be so, Lord, I beg You. Let me stand before You and not be ashamed. Let me have crowns to lay at Your feet, and may I feel the full measure of Your love and acceptance. I pray this with the help of God the Holy Spirit, thru the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

Your daughter,


     Lord I want to lift your name on High! As I was listening to some wonderful Christian music, the power of our Lords love just came rushing over me. What a glorious feeling that is. There is no other one that can satisfy my love but for Jesus.

      So many times we think that God has left us. NO, I have to say, HE will never leave us. Satan tries his best to make us loose our faith and site of our Lord, who loves us so..

Thank you Jesus!! for that wondrous love!!

     Jesus will always be there. Oh Praise Jesus!! Thank you Lord! You are almighty and exalted on High!! Hallelujah, He is my Savior! My Love and my God! As tears of joy is flooding my soul, I can truly say that Jesus has blessed me just by loving this wretch that I am. I do not deserve the Love that you have shown me Lord, but you have shown your love, Ohhhh so many, many times.. I Praise You! Honor You! Love You! and only want to worship You, my Lord! Let me seek Your face oh Lord, so I can feel that wondrous love you have for me.

     Oh people, CAN you feel His love, WHAT GLORIOUS LOVE!!!

     I bow down in humble adoration Lord and kiss you loving feet, Oh Lord, how you suffered for me and saved me from this wretched life. Lord, I just can't tell you enough how much I love you. I lift you name on high. Oh Jesus I love you, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus...Praise you Lord, Praise you Lord!

Your humble servant,


Good morning Lord Jesus,

     Thank you for another day, I will try my best to serve you well.
You sent me here to this earth for a purpose, you forgot to tell me what my purpose was, over the years I have had stumbling blocks placed before me, you did not inform me when you sent me here that I would encounter these
obstacles. You did show me that you were with me every step of the way and for this I am truly grateful.

     It saddens my heart to see so many people lost and confused in life and not knowing which way to turn, I am trying to reach out to the lost, somehow Lord there are few that hear the WORD in which is being sent to them. I know that you will provide the way for me to share your unconditional love and kindness with them. You are my rock and salvation and to you only will I give my soul to.

     You have placed your hands of mercy on my life so many many times Lord and brought me out from the pits of Satan's hands. Thank You Jesus! for never leaving me!Thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon my life, my children and grand children, my home that has sheltered me from the destruction of the world.

     "Jesus Loves Me" is what I was taught many years ago and you know what, those who taught me were right Lord, thank you for giving unto me those spiritual ancestors which iunfluenced in my childhood life, I know there are so many that do not have the same opportunities that you placed in my life, and I ask that you touch their hearts and open their eyes to the truth of your Love and Mercy.

     I thank you for sacrificing your life at Calvary to save me of the countless number of sins I have committed throughout my years on this earth, I ask you forgiveness of them all.I see you cry as the world continues to turn to self destruction because, all is not right with the world, I do not know what it is that you would like for me to do, I am only one person Jesus, and I know that at this point in life you are the only one that can cure all the evil in the world, it has gotten so out of hand that the people who are working for you grow tired in the fight, how very tired you must have been at the point in your life that you were crucified for the sins of the world, I know I could not have withstood the agonizing pain and suffering you went through for ALL the world, I am sorry Jesus that the world has become so corrupt and selfish and selfless, direct me in the way I should go Lord to help bring the world to understanding of your greatness.

     The good shall outweigh the bad, and I have found this to be true in many instances of my life, how should we as your children continue our journey if we find ourselves weak against Satan's evil that he places before us? I know my faith is strong in you and I love you very deeply for all you have done for me and given unto me.

     I can only pray that you continue to grant me the strength within to fight the foe of this worldly existance in which you placed me as a helpless human being. Glory be to your Father in his victory over Satan.
I am a sinner Lord, I try to be an example of your greatness and fall short of your Glory, being human has done this to me, I know that you are a forgiving God and you forgive me of the sins I commit everyday even though they are small sins they are still sin, when I ask for your forgiveness you know the sincerity of my heart and you forgive.

     If you were here in the flesh with me, I know that my walk would be a
smoother one to endure, One of our fleshly characteristics is finding it hard to beleive in something that cannot be seen and walking in Faith at times is a very difficult task for ALL of us. I know that those of your time who were given the opportunity to walk with you in the flesh had a difficult time, for they were chastised and had a very hard path to follow, today the path is on FAITH alone and when Satan steps in and temps our faith it is difficult to know which is the right path to take and without your guidance and unconditional love all would be lost in my life. There are no words to express my gratitude to you and my love for you, no matter how hard I try.

     You know that I love you and that I am yours to do with what you wish.You are my morning sunrise Lord, the highlight of my day spent with you, and my evening sunset, you are my starlit night, you are the chirpping of the birds I feed, you are the light in my candle of the darkness, you are ALL which surrounds my being, your are my strength when I am weak, my voice when one abuses, you are the cloths which keeps me warm when it is cold, you are so much to my life that I could not survive without you being a part of my life. You are the sparkle in my children and grand childrens eyes, the very HOPE of my existance and the PROMISE of my life ETERNAL, to you Jesus I am eternally grateful for ALL things and teachings in which you have given unto me.


Heatfelt Love from your daughter,
Gloria Sherwood


Dear Jesus,

     All my life Ihad searched for a sense of purpose for my very existance.
I had tried to fill my life with physical pleasures and spiritual hokus pokus.
My life had no meaning, no direction, No color. NO YOU.

     I fell in and out of love, never even knowing what true love was.
Then one day, you turned up in my life and I saw for the very first time what true love realy is. I saw you in someone else and I knew that you were the only one for me.

     How wonderful to be loved by you first. You loved me before I even knew you were real.

     How wonderful to be admired and longed for by you before Ieven knew that you were looking at me.

     How flattering it is to know that you think I am beautiful to behold when my mirror tells me differently.

     I tingle from the inside out with delight at the memory of our first meeting. You filled me with all the feelings that were missing in my life even though I didn't know they were missing untill you put them there.
You fill me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes with your love for me.

     And when i think of the terrible ordeal that you went through for ME,
I feel so LOVED.
Who else but you could ever love me enough to die for ME.

I love to please you .
I love to make you smile.
I love to honor you.
I love to worship you.
I love to serve you.
I love to LOVE YOU.

I am your child and you are my God.



Dear Father God,

     I praise you for another day of life and for the beauty, within the day. You created a world that bestows so much. Sometimes, I take forgranted the many blessings you fill our lives with. The snow was falling last night within the darkness. The cool crisp air that lingered there the frost upon the trees. Driving home and praying for safety as the roads, were icy. Just in awe at the beauty of the lightly falling snow.
Such beauty within your nature. Thank you for creating the earth and all that is in it. Thank you for life and the beauty within it. For even my trials and tribulations bring you glory. I thank you for the doors that open within each opportunity, to share my life with others, in this world. Sharing and encouraging those who are struggling in their own ways. Bless them Father God and show them the beauty in their life. The beauty that gets forgotten and taken advantage of. For then, do we really see life for what it is, to gloryify you. I thank you for the things you have shown me. Trusting in you has opened my eyes and made me, realize that without you, faith, hope, and charitywould not be. I praise you for the sunrise that begins each day that we can, pray to you to start our day in life. Thank you O Lord, for the sunset, that we can see to pray to you, for what has happened, throughout our day. I just praise you O Lord, for giving me life, my daughters, my husband, friends and family. I praise you for the health that we endure through your love for us. Thank you for giving me life. Even tho at times, depression settles in and don't know where to turn. You O Lord, bring me up and out of depths of despair. You fill my heart with your enduring peace and love and comfort me, in times of tears, with your arms wrapped around my being. I just praise you O Lord for everything. Thank you for loving me and never leaving me nor fosaking me. I'm sorry if I tend to forget to pray or don't come to you. Forgive me of those sins when I neglect you. I just praise you Lord and thank you Lord for everything!
Forgive me of my sins
In Jesus Name,
Sorry this got so long, but once I got started it was hard to quit! lol



     Oh God---You are an awesome God--I praise and worship and adore you--You are my yesterdays, my todays and my tommorrows--you are the alpha and omega...the beginning and the end--- You were, You are and You will always will be God... My one and only God...Oh God you are so wonderful to me....In times of turmoil and unease you give me peace, You send a song in the night , you have guided me and comforted me....In all things I give you Praise.... You are my everything ...without you I would be nothing---You took the bad times and turned them around... You have placed a song in my heart---I thank you Sweet Jesus for you presence.

      Oh Sweet Saviour Words can not express the gratitude that I have for you---not for just what you are doing in my life but for who you are... You are my Saviour...You are my friend...Your presense is for what I long for---You are the song in my heart in the middle of the night---You are my Conselor, You are My Guide--You are the Light in the dark of night--You are My Sunshine on A rainy day--In you and only you is their life...

     You gave your give me life...You laid it down, for no man could of taken it from you, you could of called a legion of angels to your aid--but you suffered and you died ...that I might know life more abundantly...That I might be delivered from the things that come against me....

     You are my bright and morning star--In times of sickness you send healing, In times of turmoil you send peace, when I am sad you give me joy....--Oh God I am so blesssed--Everyday that I live I am blessed---When I wake up in the Morning or lay my head to rest--I am blessed, I am blessed--

     I Praise you God and I lift my voice in Praise and Worship and Adoration--You are so so awesome...everyday you become more precious to me...You are Elshadi----You are The God of more than are alaway near...All I need do is to call and you answer--Oh God Thank you---Jesus..Sweet jesus..Thank you...Precious Saviour...My Lord..My God...Glory Jesus....Glory..Praise You forever and ever...

     In All things I will give you praise--I praise you for your Word that guides and directs me ..I praise you for the Promises that You have given me..In You do I rest..In you do I place my faith...In You Dear Saviour..Lamb of God..

     Thank you for the leading of your spirit...thank you for working things out in my life and giving me the Promise of A bright tomorrow--Thank for giving me direction ...Thank you for your Divine Revealtion ...for the Rhema Word--The living Word that you have revealed to me...I stand upon your word---I do not look at today...I do not look at tomorrow or yesterday--I do not lok at teh circumstances--it does not matter what the world thinks is happening or what it even looks like is happening--or what has only matters what your word says...what you have told me----I look to you Oh God...To You Sweet Jesus and TO you Precious Holy Spirit---For you are not a man that you can lie--what you say you are going to do---Your Word will not return unto you void---I thank you for the word--for the power that is in your word--for the name of Jesus that you have given us...that name that every name shall bow to....the name above every name ....Jesus...Jesus...Jesus..

     Oh How I love you...Praise your wonderful name...I thank you for air to breathe and for every beautiful wonderful day...Wonderful Jesus..

     Take joy in these Love letters...take joy in what you hear...let them be a sweet sweet sound in your Ear....

For we do truly Love you....Linda

Linda Kountry Pugs

Puggy Tu and The Kountry Pugs



Dear Jesus
It's so hard for me to put into words what is in my heart but I'll try even though I know that You know already. Lord, you have been with me ever since I was a little girl, lonely for just a drop of love. That special day when I was sitting in the church crying and I asked You if you would be my friend, I was so scared that You'd say no cause that was I got from everyone else around me. But You didn't say no...You closed your arms around me and held me while I cried and then I felt so warm and comfortable. And through the years since You haven't left me even when there were times when I forgot You were there. When things got really tough and hard, You were there to help me over the hurdles. When I was on the brink of totally going the wrong way You came to me and reminded me that I was loved. You provided for me and my children when they were hungry. You showed me where I was going wrong. And through it all You LOVED ME! I am still amazed when I sit back and think that it's so possible for You to love me. I haven't done any big things in my life, I'm just little ol' me. And just when I didn't think that I would ever be able to have someone here on earth to love me for who I am and that I'd have to live my life all alone You brought me the most loving husband I could ever want. You showed me that all my attempts at looking for love were for naught. I had to wait for Your time, for you to bring me the person You wanted for me. You, Jesus, have blessed my life with so much joy and love that I just can't put it all into words. But I do want you to know that Your love is what has pulled me through everything, and You and I know what there has been, and it has made me a better person. I've still got a long way to go to be what You want me to be, and it's still a struggle to be in this world, but I do know that with You beside me I can get there. I love you Jesus with the whole of my heart. Thankyou Jesus.
Your most loving daughter



Oh Father in Heaven,
I thank you so dearly for being in my life even at times I may have thought you weren't. I look back Father into the words that I read as a child and see all the prayers you answered for me and the things you have done in my life and it brings tears to my eyes Lord to think of how much you love me. Oh I feel so undeserving Lord but yet you still speak to me, you still hold me and comfort me. Father there is so many times that I feel like you are so far away and miss you soo much but you are here in my heart only a prayer away. The times I feel distant I must realize that it is because you have given me space and time to grow and learn. Oh Lord it is like I am riding a bike for the first stand back and watch as I grow like an infant, you let me stumble so that you may lift me up and so I may do it all over again until I get it right. Oh Father there is no one ever comparible to you!! My life is so full of memories Lord that you have given me and as I go back through them all it is like looking through snapshots....there is FANTASTIC times like the times I got to sit upon the beach and just gaze at your beauty you had set before me, the walk in the woods looking at waterfalls, listening to the sounds of nature....or just hearing you say "my child I love you" and yet there was hard times too like the times you wanted so much for me to see you but I was stubborn and wanted to do things on my own but you let me know that you were still there...YOU NEVER left me!! There was times that I even thought you hadn't heard my prayers and I was sad but now I see that it was because you loved me and I couldn't see what you could.
Father I thank you for what you have made me...I have grown so much in your love and what you have taught me but I have soooo much growing still to do and I couldn't imagine learning without the most wonderful Father there is. A father who doesn't neglect us, abuse us....A Father who Truly knows how to love us. You loved me to death Lord.....your love has brought me to tears and may it take me to my knees with praises Lord. Father please let my focus be on you and may I teach my children the love you have taught me and I pray they will see what a great Father you are.
My Love to you Father,
Your child,



Dear Jesus,

You are my breathe, my heart and my soul. You laid down your life for me and I would love to but kiss your feet. I know that someday I will see your loving face and you will wrap your arms around me and comfort me and there will never again be pain. I am thankful dear Jesus for all you have given me.

I am thankful that I can call you name outloud in the highest mountains and not be condemned. I am thankful for that freedom. I am thankful to you for my wonderful family at home, my sisters, brothers, my mom, and my SING Sisters. I have learned alot. And please dont ever let me want to quit learning...that is when I will wither. Please let my heart continue to open and your love continue to flow.


Love your sister in Christ,
Marsha's Graphics




Dear Jesus,

My life was so empty dear Jesus, until you stepped into my life.
You know what kind of life that I had Jesus from the beginning to now.
You knew that I was a child seeking love and affection,
feeling so unloved. Because of the desperation seeking out this love,
I was filled with hatred and bittterness toward the ones that
couldn't and wouldn't show me love. This desire of being
loved led me into a life of sin and choosing the wrong choices about love,
ending up in more abusive relationships. I had accepted the sinful
nature of drinking and having nowhere relationships with men
that couldn't love me for me and always tried to control me in any
way that they could.

I felt so alone, that everyone left and had betrayed me probably
the way you had felt Jesus, as you hung on that cross dying.
But your heart was alive filled with that love for me that
I had been so desparately seeking and I had been so blind to see.
I wondered for sometime how you, Jesus, could love me when no
one else could or would until my eyes were opened to this love.
You gave me the strength, grace, and wisdom to remove any sin or
weight that could prevent our close relationship.

You have seen the many times that I have cried, pleaded,
and prayed for someone to love and care for me. You have seen the times
that I wanted to end it all and the times I tried. But, you Jesus, stepped
in to save me. I thought that you had deserted me for not letting me die but
now I know that you loved me enough to let me live and that you had
died for me so that I could live. You covered me with your blood
through the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the ascension.

Jesus, you have showed me how not to hate, to envy, or show
any type of bitterness but to love them with the love of God in my heart.
Because of you, you gave me the power to refuse to fear, doubt,
and worry. You gave me the power over all of the enemy
and that nothing can or will hurt me.

Jesus, you helped me to break the strongholds of Satan
against my emotions because I gave all my emotions to You,
Lord. I gave my will to You, Lord. You helped me break down
the strongholds of Satan against my body when I gave my body
to You. I bow down in worship and praise to you Jesus. You covered
me with your blood and I claim the protection for my family, my
home, my spirit, soul and body. I surrendered myself in
every area of my life to You, Jesus. Please let my heart continue to be open
and your love continue to flow through me to others.

Thank you Jesus for saving my life and loving me
as no one had ever loved me. I wouldn't have made it
without your love and forgiveness.
Debbie West


Does it really matter who or what you are,
The road you've traveled, where you had been?
Do you know that God will use you for His plan
That He will and can move you from within?

Do you know God can help you can overcome your past
To help you rise above all of life's miseries and pain?
Do you know that with God all things are possible,
That because of Him you can be changed?

In the deepest ocean of troubles that you swim
With Jesus all the doubts can and will be removed?
Even from the highest moutains that we climb
All you have to do is place your trust in Him?

You will soon see the wonderful difference,
When you are soaring to greater heights
You can be changed forever, because of His grace,
When you are washed in the blood of Jesus Christ!

Debbie West


My Father, I've known you for such a long time but I am always discoveringyou 'daily'..that is so fun.

Thank you for never being boring, or distant, or distracted when I want to gabber about everything..and it has to be just a tad boring to you but
you're so patient with me - You never send me away from your presence.

I remember well the day that I discovered that I not only loved you with all my heart and soul but I liked you better than anyone I've ever known.

You became a personal friend to me through your precious son Jesus Christ. Thank you in all humility for this great free gift.

You have allowed me to be myself and to show every emotion to you - even anger and you still hugged me to yourself with great emotion because you felt my pain.

I have struggled with a lot of things in my walk with you but a wonderful
day of deliverance is coming for me in this precious group of ladies called SING.

I am in the baby steps of learning to trust Christian Ladies. My scars run
deep but my act of forgiving the offenders of the past has cleared the way for you to establish mature reaction mechanisms so that the sensitivity of the past will be a thing of the past..

Thank you Father..I think you're so awesome and I can't wait to give you
more and more of myself.

I know you're not letting out the secret but I think it's not going to be
very long until I get to *run* to see you face to face.

Please just let me accomplish to the last detail everything you have for me to accomplish in your is my delight to Praise you and to bring Glory to your Name. I love to do your will.

With all the love that is in this daughter's heart ..Sherry Cornett.

Sherry's Peaceful Oasis

Jesus, my Lord, and Savior, Thank you eternally for receiving me, and my husband John, My Children Lori, Bobby, Cameron

And Grandchild into your kingdom when we each received you. Your Love and guidance preserves us and because of you

We live and move and have our beings,


Forgive Me Lord Jesus for I know I have let you down, probably many more times then I realize, I love you with every

Thing that is in me. It is my hearts greatest desire to serve you, to please you all the rest of my days. Please show me

What you would have me do, on a nanosecond by nanosecond basis. Give me the wisdom, courage, boldness and favor

And the obedience to carry out each and every one of your commands for my life.


Thank you Blessing and keeping this little family in the much larger family of the Body of Christ. Thank you that we

Have Your Mighty and Precious Name, we have your Blood covering, and your Word !!! Help us to apply them to our lives,

And in doing so help me not to hide my light under a bushel any more, I love you, and Bless Father God, and welcome

You Holy Spirit in my heart every second of my life, thank you for residing in this temple, and help me to continue to clean

It up for your residence should reflect your Love, your power, and your wisdom. This is what I desire, In Your precious name

I Pray, Praise you, and Thank you , Amen.
Pat Farris

Dear Jesus,

What a wonderful day u have given my family and I today. Thank you
for this day and our daily bread. Father I bow humbly before your present
today. Father I praise u.Halleluah to your name.

Jesus Christ of Nazereth. I praise u with all my heart soul and
spirit. Lord I stand at your heavenly door today, I'm just dropping by
with flowers craddled in my arms and my heart beating with love for you, I
just want to say to you" I LOVE YOU " I'm not asking for anything, neither
am I wishing for anything. I want to give to you flowers of joy, praise, and
worship, this gift I give to you is nothing to compare to what you gave to
us on the cross..I can't give you enough but I give my heart and praise. "I

love alway's,
your child,
the one u died for too.

My Sweet, Sweet Jesus,

     Lord I love you with all of my heart. If there were enough words in the English language that I could say all that was in my heart Lord I would do it.

     Father , You are God, You are my life, my love, my breath and my salvation. Lord you are my friend that sticks closer than a brother, Lord you are my husband and my provider. Lord You are the one who picked me up from the pit and lifted my feet on Higher Ground, You are the Lover of my soul, the love of my life, my desire is for You and no other. Jesus You are my Bright and Morning Star and You Lord are my Beloved.

      Father I praise You for Your Son Jesus Christ who has given me life, and love and peace and joy. Who was willing to give His life for mine, shed His blood for all I have ever done and Who rose again from the dead that we may be justified in Him. Jesus if I could sing I would sing a song of love that would belong to no other but You. There is no one, Lord no not one who was willing or able to get into the depths of my heart and change it to reflect Your heart. Lord Jesus You are beauty, You are life, You are my everything. You are my reason for living, You have bought purpose to my life, You have filled me with Your Spirit and You Lord loved me when there was no one else to love me. You have taken me through the valleys, You have been there on the mountaintops, you are with me daily and there is nothing I cannot tell you. You listen even when I can't talk, when it is just my tears falling Your presence falls on me and reminds me You are with me. Lord you are the song in my heart.

You are, Lord, all I could ever hope or ask for in this lifetime and in eternity. Lord Jesus that you would love me, You know my every thought, my every deed yet You never leave, You never give up, You teach me with Your Word, You are my very present help in times of trouble. You are my peace, my joy and my friend and there is none like You. Lord Jesus how I wait to see Your face, How I wait for You to come and take us to Your side. Lord, we would then see the scars in Your hands and feet and in Your side.

      Lord we would know just how deep Your love is for us that nothing would keep You from that cross. Lord you went there for me and then you went down and took the keys from the enemy that all authority in heaven and earth would belong to You.

      Lord I worship You, I humbly thank you with all that this body of flesh can, Lord You are my Light in the darkness, my hope when there is no hope, You are My Lord and My Savior and You are the love of my life. May Your name be praised forever Lord and I wait anxiously Lord for the day to come when every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that You are Lord. Lord on that day You will receive all the glory and honor and praise that is due You.

      Thank You Lord for taking my place and for being with me as I walk it out in faith now Lord and you meet me in every place. Lord I love you and there is no other I would choose to serve. May Your name be blessed forever and ever.

Love your servant,

"For the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever"


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