Welcome to Our Words of Healing Page

     This is a page that is dedicated to offering encouraging words through testimonies, poems, Scriptures and stories. Most of them have been written by myself and are the very things that the Lord has brought me through.
      We want you to know that for every trial you are going through, for every broken heart there is a Word of Healing that we pray will minister to you. God is an awesome God and He does answer prayer, He also teaches us through the things we go through. He cares about every detail of our lives and I know when I allow Him, He will minister to me even in what some may say are little situations.
      We hope to have a testimony for every situation so this page will be updated frequently. Please come back often and read the testimony of what God has done in my life and in the lives of others. Receive your blessing from Jesus who so desires to be your very best friend and wants to minister to you this very day.

Click on the heart below for a Word of Healing for your present need 
     If you want to know that you are accepted
     Life Choices
     Pressing on
     Growing Pains
     The Wedding of a Lifetime
      Do you have a loved one in prison?
      Do you believe God still Heals?
     Are you suffering from Depression?
     Do you Know What He Accomplished For You?
     Where Are You Looking?
     The Word of God
     When You Need His Grace
     Come Out With Your Hands Up
     When You Wonder If You Can Make A Difference
     When you desire to love with Christ's love
     When all looks lost and you think there in no hope
     Are you prepared
     Knowing Who You Are Married To
     When it seems like it can't get any worse
     When you need a faithful friend
     When you know there is no way but forward
     When you know you can't do it all alone
     When you need healing from the past
     When Giving Thanks Seems Difficult
     When You Need to Know God Is In Control
     When You Wonder if God is There!
     When You Are Weary
     When You Feel Condemned
     When the Storms Just Keep Coming!
     When You Wonder If God Has A Plan For You!
     When You Can't Pray For Your Enemy!

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